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Treat yourself to next-level perfection with dental crowns

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Worn down, chipped or outdated: sound like
your smile?

If you need some help to rejuvenate your beautiful smile, it can be hard to trust that you will get the permanent result you want. Restoring teeth is complex and requires specialised techniques, artistry, and an excellent understanding of you.

A custom-made tooth crown may be the best way to get your smile matching your personality again.

Are you tired of looking in the mirror and seeing chipped, worn-out teeth or dental work that makes you appear older than you feel?

What’s a dental crown?

Teeth that have cracked or had root canal treatment will thank you for protecting them with tooth crowns, and you will fall in love with how fabulous they look.

If teeth are missing, crown teeth on either side of the gap can support a dental bridge, giving you a dazzling, perfectly functioning smile again.

A dental crown is a perfectly‑moulded cap for an entire tooth, made of premium materials that – with proper care – will continue to look amazing for many years.
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Four reasons you
– and your teeth –
deserve crowns

Get the perfect shape and colour to suit you
Premium materials and cutting‑edge techniques mean you get the best results
Rehabilitate, strengthen and future-proof your beautiful smile
Start looking as young as you feel inside
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See the real difference dental crowns make

Take a look at this gallery of real-life patients before and after they were fitted with crowns, to get a better idea of the difference this treatment could make in your life.

Trust you’ve made a great choice

Truly specialised care

Many dentists offer cosmetic services, but with us, you benefit from an expert team with years of specialised training.

We understand you

At Ramman Oberoi Prosthodontics we know teeth are extremely personal. That’s why our goal is to find the perfect solution for you.

Your happiness is our only goal

Some dental practices pressure patients into accepting costly treatments. But our promise is to give you every choice and option, so you can choose exactly what’s best for your goals and budget.

Latest techniques

Feel confident knowing you'll be treated with the latest techniques, and the best materials, for a totally predictable result every time.

We work with your people

Our team is more than happy to work with your dentist, even without a referral. Your dentist will be kept updated and informed at every stage of your treatment.

Try before you buy

We use industry-leading software Digital Smile Design technology. This lets you see exactly how your results will look before we even begin work.

Dental Crowns process

Come in for a consultation and see exactly how your new veneers will look on you thanks to Digital Smile Design®️ software. Once you’re happy, we make a digital scan of your teeth to create a try-in model of your new smile.
Come and try in your fresh look! We will fit a model version of your crowns or dental bridge, and take photos and videos as you talk, smile and move so we can fine-tune your beautiful new teeth perfectly.
Relax in wonderful comfort as we prepare your teeth for your new dental crowns.
Get the final, fabulous result when your dental crowns are fitted, and never look back!
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How much do
Dental crowns cost?

Consult from $110
Everyone is different, and the overall cost of your treatment will vary according to your exact situation.

We guarantee you'll have all the information you need to choose the best option for you once you’ve come in for your initial consultation and scans. Dental crowns are a significant investment that - with proper care - will boost your oral and general health for years to come.

Check out these gorgeous results. How would yours look?

You probably want to know exactly what kind of results you can expect from your treatment, and fully understand the process of giving you back a functional, natural smile.

Your personal ebook guide

Download this e-book to see:

  • 10 real patient case studies
  • Before and after photos of stunning transformations
  • Information on treatment timelines
  • A guide to costs
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What’s the difference between a crown or a dental bridge?

A crown is a precision-moulded ‘cap’ that covers one tooth, and a dental bridge is used to replace one or more missing teeth. Crown teeth can be used as anchors for a dental bridge. Crowns are fitted on the remaining teeth on either side of the missing ones.

How long do dental crowns last?

You will look absolutely fabulous for life if you take proper care of your crowns. This means treating them like natural teeth with daily brushing and flossing and regular dental check-up appointments.

Are dental crowns expensive?

Dental crowns are a natural-looking and long-lasting premium treatment, expertly crafted by highly-skilled technicians and carefully fitted by your specialist prosthodontist. They are definitely not cheap, but they are an investment in your happiness, and they will save you money in the long-term as you avoid needing expensive treatments for damaged teeth.

How long does a crown take?

Around two weeks from the day of your very first consultation you will be ready to show the world your brilliant new smile.

Crowns vs Veneers?

If you're getting a cosmetic smile makeover and you’ve been doing your research you may be wondering do I need dental crowns or porcelain veneers? It's quite possible that we may be able to restore your smile using porcelain veneers or dental crowns or a mix of both.  We’ll be able to let you know what will work best for you once we’ve done a digital smile design and treatment plan.

It’s time to start smiling for real

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