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Our Values

Our reward is finding the right solution for you

At Ramman Oberoi Prosthodontics, there is one thing we don’t tolerate and that’s sales pressure. We are committed to educating you on all of the options relevant to you so can make the perfect choice for your timeframe and budget. There is no up-selling, and no marketing aimed at scaring you into a one-size-fits-all decision. Our sole purpose is to empower you to decide for yourself.

It’s all about relationships

Your smile expresses who you are, and bringing it out means taking the time to really get to know you. Ramman went into dentistry because she loves connecting with people and building relationships. When you come to Ramman Oberoi Prosthodontics for aesthetic or reconstructive dentistry, you will be treated like family.

Working together for excellent oral health

We strive to work together with dentists and patients in the Sunshine Coast area who share our mindset about the importance of oral health. We love working with professionals and individuals who understand the value of specialist care and seek it out when it is the best way to a great outcome.

Our Story

Specialist Prosthodontist

Ramman Oberoi

“I’ve worked directly with patients and hand-in-hand with wonderful local dentists to rebuild and perfect hundreds of smiles. I never tire of seeing patients’ social media feed explode with happy photos after we rebuild the smile they have been hiding for years.”

Discovering the desire to help people

Growing up, Ramman was inspired by an uncle who was a surgeon, whose kindness and humility shone through in the way he treated his patients. She realised her goal was to connect with people and be there for them. She was also deeply affected by the general health benefits good teeth can have for anyone; good teeth can mean the difference between struggling through life and enjoying life. Good teeth can mean the difference between struggling with health issues and sailing on through.

Realising the power of prosthodontics

As a dentist, Ramman began to understand the powerful effect reconstructive dentistry can have on a person’s whole self when it’s done right. She dedicated three years to specialist training to become a prosthodontist. She realised having healthy teeth changes everything. But the most tangible differences were in people’s basic wellbeing. She could see her work made an extraordinary change to people’s everyday life.

Establishing a network to benefit patients

When Ramman moved to the Sunshine Coast, she connected with local dentists and is always happy working alongside them, whether or not they refer patients to her. Ramman loves to collaborate with colleagues with the goal of improving patient outcomes together and benefiting the profession.

A future filled with Sunshine Coast smiles

Ramman loves living on the Sunshine Coast and working with locals, as a colleague and as a clinician. Reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry processes take time; she finds it deeply rewarding to be on the journey with the patient and often their dentist.

A team built on shared values

Ramman Oberoi

Specialist Prosthodontist

Jennifer Jordan

Practice Manager

Jannicke Burger

Dental Assistant

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Ramman Oberoi Prosthodontics. Providing specialist Prosthodontic care and cosmetic dentistry to the community and with our referring dentists on the Sunshine Coast for over 5 years.

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